Waiting With Bordeaux

I sit here in a thoughtful reverie

Reflecting on times gone by

What do I do with my life

What do I want to accomplish

What do I wish to gain from all

My plans, hopes, dreams, efforts

To build something I can be proud of

I feel the warmth of the fire of my

Ambition, my passion for life

I sip dreamily toasting my budding

Of a new start, a new time for me.


Wings of Wax

They said I couldn't do it

They said itŐs a fool's errand

They said it's not done

I made my wings to soar

I leaped towards the heavens

For one blissful moment

I floated on air against the sun

As I fell back to the earth

I thought of your face

The envy of your unwilling adulation

Of my courage to defy the odds

I now lay bruised and broken

But no less determined

To rise above it all

And to gain more steadfast wings



Days like drops of rain filter through my mind

Blending seamlessly into an endless fabric

Dotted with spots of memory

Lined with the shimmering clear

I see and then the scene is washed

Gray then clear then gray

Chilling my soul 

Warming my brain 

With thoughts unending

Questions that may never have an answer



Link by link we forge the chain

Of our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows

Sitting thinking wishing praying

For a different outcome from where we are

Waiting for an answer and a hero

To rescue us from our latest series of scrapes

Kindness, a simple word to some

But a hard concept to others who have never

Known such a thing to exist

For they have only seen the pain and sorrow

Of a world given to apathy

Bond by bond we control the course of futures

Unseen and emotional tides

© Kelleye Robinson