Life as a Wine Cork

Every nine years
With a sharp axe
Harvested from trees
With violent hacks

Boiled in water
To soften and clean
Then cut into pieces
And fed into a machine

After punching and sorting
Off to wineries they go
Waiting for the ripening
Of grapes like merlot

When bottles are filled
With red or white
The cork is jammed in
And jammed in tight

Then left there for years
As wine slowly ages
In cold humid cellars
Through multiple stages

At just the right time
The dreaded corkscrew
Is forcefully inserted
And the cork removed

Cast off to the side
If the bottle is drained
But the job isnÕt finished
If a little remains

Then thrust back into
From whence it came
So tomorrow the wine
Will taste just the same

When the bottle is empty
The cork waits a while
Until enough are collected
By the oenophile

Made into a cork board
Or perhaps a trivet
To be stuck with pins
Or have hot things sit on it

ThereÕs no final rest
From this thankless work
Would you choose to live
Life as a wine cork?

© Dennis Robleski


Bio:  Dennis started writing short stories and poetry in 2018 after six years of writing song lyrics, strictly on a hobby basis.  He writes from inspiration so his works tend to be VERY random.  If interested, you can visit his blog at: