The Red Rings

“Where is he?  He should’ve been here 20 minutes ago.”

It was a cloudy night, owls hooted, with the occasional rustling of leaves in the background. The trees were casting dancing shadows across the landscape, but two shadows seemed to be moving particularly quickly. The shadows moved into view, and manifested into two hooded figures, one tall and lithe and the other shorter and sturdy. The figures approached each other from opposite sides of the terrain. It was an important night at Corner Park, as the two hooded figures were about to find out for themselves.

“Why were you late?” said the tall one.

“She was watching me carefully. I almost got caught with the goods,” said the shorter one. 

“Ok that’s fine, as long as you got what I asked for,” replied the tall one.

The shorter one asked, “You got the money?”

“Yeah I do, but first let me see the goods,” said the tall one, eager to see what was inside.

The shorter one unzipped his bag to reveal the treasure hidden inside, ”I was only able to get you the red rings.”

“What is this man, you know I wanted more than just the red rings. I specifically asked for more variety. I’m not going to buy them if this is all you brought!” He was shaking with fury, and a tension hung in the air as the tall one stared daggers at the shorter one.

“Please man, I need to sell these before she discovers I have them. She’ll kill me man please,” he pleaded.

“That’s your problem man. I asked for one thing and you got me this garbage? Also your bag looks awfully airy, doesn’t seem worth the cost,” said the tall one, slowly calming down.

The short figure was quivering with fear thinking about what would happen to him if he couldn’t secure this deal, “Please man if I don’t sell these now she’ll send me to the hospital, you have to buy these.” 

A vehicle in the distance approached the hooded figures.

The short one was paralyzed in fear when he heard the engine. After what seemed like an eternity he finally said with urgency, “We have to hide now! There are some bushes over there.”

The hooded figures rushed over and had barely gotten behind the bushes when a spotlight illuminated where they had just been standing. There was a moment of silence and the world seemed to stand still, as if it was also holding its breath to see whether or not this deal would be busted. They waited a full 20 minutes before even checking to see if the car had left. 

“That was too close man. I’m not getting good vibes from this. I’m leaving,” said the tall one.

“Wait, please just buy these so that I can go back. You saw how she’s looking for me, please man,” said the short one, his voice quivering with fear.

“All right, fine, but I won’t be buying anything from you anymore, got it?”

“That’s fine, here take the bag” 

The hooded figures exchanged their possessions and left in peace.



            “Young man, where were you! I was looking all over the neighborhood for you!”

            “Sorry Mother, I was out with some friends at the park!”

            “What’s that smell, were you eating junk food again? You know I don’t let you eat junk food, and for a good reason at that!”

            “N-no of course not Mother, I know how bad gluten is for me.”

            His mother glared into his eyes, seemingly peering into his soul.

            “All right I’m sorry, I bought some hot funyuns from the store but felt guilty and sold them to a guy from school!”

© Jordell Rodrigues