(photo of Kelsi Rose)



seasonal, sensual




I wish for skin like flower petals,
so I can bloom for you
in the springtime months,

blossom fragrant
rose-pink and beautiful.


cheeks flushed 
an April-famous rouge,
apple blush


I wish
for nimble fingers
stretching like new limbs
so I can trace you into existence;
for spring-fever to burst into my blood
budding, breaking open.





I wish for eyes
of summer green and ground brown,
of hair like August thunderstorms,
frayed out and straying,
for you to tangle your hands in.


Skin flushed like sunburn
at the mention of your touch,

    longing, loving


I wish for sandcastle sentiments,
built on memories and promises of
skies bruised blue and better; 
for fervent, late night aching,
heat blistering between bodies
and coddling each other to sleep.




I wish for cool mornings and
warm afternoons,

days upon days in bed
with you, sun-strewn and sleepy;
for bedwarm blankets and


let me fall like foliage
gather me in your arms and breathe 
my scent like something familiar.


I wish to bury my head in your chest,
perhaps to keep myself
from catching the first frost
or the last hints of November 
on my cheeks,
dying out on leaves of scarlet





I wish to spend

my winter months with you
in the sanctity of your warmth.

I am hibernating,
    waiting, wondering


chilled kisses on warmed lips
shivering, shaking
and yearning for your wildfire.


I wish for your spreading of heat
between hands, between hearts
and thawing lips,
kisses like the smallest flames.


I wish for you and me,
bursting into bloom,
swelling with the spring.


Kelsi Rose


Bio:  A Central Pennsylvania poet stuck in her own head, Kelsi Rose crafts poetry that caters to a range of emotions, people, and personalities. At 25, she's begun focusing more heavily on her writing and publication while simultaneously balancing the workload of a double major, a full time job, and a family, which consists of her husband, stepson, daughter, and dog.