Photo of Abha Das Sarma



Warmer Than the Sun


Suitcases were dragged, dead

The commuters hurried, nevertheless

Draped in black, she stomped

The bus stand that lay underground,

At the SF Beale-Folsom corner

Left hand going down and then up

Followed by the right, inside a pullover

Invisible to the world,

Picking things, throwing elsewhere

She danced like a raven

Flying on the ground

Circling aimless,

Warmer than the sun

Will he be

Coming into the world

Of mounting sin,

Pressed against the window

The thought rang my head

Rooted I stayed, without a blink

But alas, she had fled.


Abha Das Sarma


Bio:  Abha Das Sarma is an Indian writer with a blog of over 200 poems.  An engineer and management consultant by profession, she is passionate about writing.  Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Muddy River Poetry ReviewSpillwordsJournal of Expressive Writing and Verse-Virtual. She also enjoys writing Haikus and  has contributed to weekly postings of Haiku in Action.  Having spent her growing up years in small towns of northern India, currently she lives in Bangalore with her scientist husband.  Blog: http://dassarmafamily.blogspot.com