The Lost and Found

She searches for the clue

In the middle of the morning

Sky about to crash

On the earth loose

She trembles and shakes

          Herself out of the stupor

As the light breeze kisses her hair,

                   Smells of aftershave



Perfect meal

Tender meat, charred corn,

Glaze of sauce


As he leans for a drunk kiss,

She tastes tangy loss


Clandestine Conquers?

When all the melodies solidify

Into noise

And she closes her eyes,

The rocking chair swings her world

In the forward and backward motion


She tries to find a rill

Abundant of buoyant lies

That could deceive the mountain

Of sharp truth,

She wants to smuggle her

Antique ocean beneath

The bed of quicksand

Insidious comfort


The sound of the door

Being opened

And she puts her robes of clouds

And her foggy make-up back on.


But the smile remains forgotten

Lying upon the floor...


Christiana Sasa


Bio:  Christiana Sasa  loves to write. Through writing she finds a vent for her strangled feelings and emotions. She believes in love, peace and humanity. Her poems have been published before in the magazine "The Pangolin Review."