Homage to a Friend


I am your friend, dear soul whose hair is just as grey as mine,

I am your friend when all romance has passed

And love has settled down to sweetness and old age.

I am your friend, frail witness to my growing years

When summer turns to winter and a sunny day to chill.


When is true friendship ever thrown away?

Not because of petty hurts or enforced distance.

True friendship is a mountain, sometimes green and sometimes white

That doesnŐt run from change or pain

But watches over chains of time in affection and respect.


I am your friend, dear heart whose eyes are still as keen as mine,

And still see laughter in the clouds, and sunlight in the rain.

I am your friend when every passion has been spent

And every thought of love has ripened into fondness and concern.

I am your friend, dear heart, your soul, your spirit, your every whispered breath.


© Patricia Saunders