Prison called Society

Nights like the dark paints on the cement walls,

Greased and slippery that no one can climb

For salvation.

A hurt heart in the hut wondering of the end

Of the mystery of the misery.

Of the love long gone and pain long to stay.

To say and save, for no one understands difference.

To see the day is like a dream and nights are horrifying

For thatŐs when monsters come and visions of naked

Wizards engulf the mind, to see and to wail.

To think and to suffer, to go near being mad.

Just because the society has no of what you really need.



To love is a crossroad of joy and heartbreak,

To hold is a chance to keep sailing in the fire

Of not knowing what tomorrow brings.

But still, the promise to stay lives in the heart.


To love is to risk, and to risk is to gain.

Gaining comes with pain

But the long term assurance of strength

Is gifted to those who have tasted the boiler of

These all things, grief, sorrow, pain and loss,

Them like eagles arise, thereafter become unshakable.

For nothing shines without enduring the pain of scouring.


Who protects a mother?

Ooh! Come thee thy children of love

And consume me in the embrace of your warmth.

See my tears and spray thy face with a mask of fullness

Even when I feel empty.

Shadow me from the harshness of the world

And coat thy name with immortality.

Let my sunshine come with joy and assurance

That I have children,

For who protects a mother if not of her children?


When I wrap my Ankara around my waist to weed my farm,

Hold thy hand and show me the comfort of rest.

Enter with a bag of rice and a box of spices from Zanzibar.

Perfumes of perfect scent and flowers for jewelry,

See me smile and let the efforts I made you grow be rewarded

To live in transcendence.

For who makes a mother happy if not of her children?


(This poem is dedicated to my mother Mrs. Elikah Muteheli.)


© Kelvin J. Schachile

Bio:  Kelvin J. Shachile is a Kenyan fiction writer, essayist, poet and orator. His work has been published in the Whispers International poetry journal-Netherlands, New Ink Review-Zambia and Writers Space Africa, a publication of the African writers development trust. His talks are highly acclaimed. He has several books in the publication process and several acceptances for his work soon to be featured in international revered journals and magazines. He is currently a student at Maasai Mara university-Narok-Kenya.