It Was A Lovely Fall Day 


It was a lovely fall day 

So I went falling away 

Down the hill luckily toward 

A hospital at the bottom (I aint that dumb) 




Waiting Solidly On The Mountains


Waiting solidly on the mountains

Shimmering down the long fountains 

Thinking with tears in my eyes 

And then I yell out, "What a surprise!" 




Snickers Was (Is) A Candy Bar 


Snickers was (is) a candy bar 

Which when eaten made me go har har har 

And as I would laugh up to the stars 

I'd just snort out a few more  har har har's 




Minimizing Progress 


Minimizing progress 

Is a sin, yes yes yes 

and obnoxiously making more

Is a thing which  I adore 


G. David Schwartz


Bio:  He is the former president of  Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue (1994) and Midrash and Working Out Of The Book (2004).  Currently a volunteer with the Interfaith  Hospitality Network  (International House Of Hospitality), his newest book, Shards and Verse (2011) is now in stores or can be ordered on line.