MisfitsÕ Miscellany

I have two sisters.

One is Light. The other is Dark.

Light kisses me when I
go to school.
Dark frowns darkly.

Light, playing tag with me,
on lazy post-school
is full of light.
Dark threatens me with
if I donÕt do my homework.

At night, Light flys away,
without a backward turn.
I creep into bed quietly,
not to disturb busily-scribbling

But before I fall asleep,
I feel the night wrap around me,
like a blanket warm and soft,
and I know that Dark
is kissing me,
and that the tears on my cheeks
are from
her beautiful eyes.



In quietly precious moments,
that pass almost unnoticed,
except for an unexplainable
feeling of bliss,
we betray those better beings
we are so keen
to conceal.

Sara fights all the time.
She calls her Radha names.
She pulls her hair and slaps her
till both of them cry.

But when the girls, all of them,
are dancing in a circle,
look at Sara grip RadhaÕs hand,
watch Radha grip her

The careful looseness of that
hold makes me love Sara the way
she does not like to be loved,
or love:

The hold says:
Fly away from me,
fly away all you want,
sweet bird of my dreams,
IÕll come and find you,
sweet bird,
when you need me.

My Sara loves my Radha
very much.

© Adreyo Sen

Adreyo Sen, based in Kolkata, hopes to become a full-time writer.  He did his undergraduate work in English and his postgraduate work in English and Sociology.  Adreyo has been published in Danse Macabre and Kritya.