of rusty wheels
symbolic reminders
tools held by hands
      from long ago
Man and his inventions
The rusty pump
    by the outhouse
           as if water
poured from lava rock....
cast iron pots
    Cooking flowers....
a ring of old irons
charcoal/gas/stove top
how many shirts n dresses
    you've smoothed....
Horseshoes thin from wear
Bits n harnesses
rings and props cast iron bed growing arugula
all kine relics
     of the past
all growing now
in my garden
making iron rich soil
as they slowly fade away
and burst into blooms another day.... 6/18/04

© M. Shanna Moore

. . . is an "ex california gal living in Hawaii for the last thirty
years...The kine is pidgen english...I was a Venice Beach Poet...long time