(Photo of Harjeet Singh)





"Professor B. N. Thapar said"


Donate books when scanned

You would not dismiss from mind

Like Lala Hardayal (a scholar).


I recall my days,

Your wine mask, gainly prole

Like you mine was gules.


A well-groomed young soul,

Knack also runs parallel.

A rising genius.


Before drawn-out spell

Sir, your augury went true, 

I have been bookman.


Iambics, trochee,

rhyme ballads have been my prey

And vice-versa.


Besides, I have made

A personal stanza in

Literary street.


Seven line stanza

And seven syllables in 

each and every line.


Because my first name

contains seven characters, 

Expressly "Harjeet." 


"Former vs latter"

And "Humanities teamed up"

To boot, "Sans Soulmate"



First two poems got 

Printed in the United States, 

Last, in Canada.



Oh! surprisingly, 

You were discussed oftentimes

But never thought hard.



Haiku poem


Vice-versa--when I wrote meter poems,

then I couldn't write freely like free verse,

so I said  vice-versa.






Bhai Veer Singh ji


Bhai Veer Singh ji was a Punjabi religious poet.

His soul met God through religious poetic verses.

In stanzas he exhibited his profound love for Nature 

and manifested great emotions and feelings while praising the Author.

A competent artist (painter) was his friend.

He drew a lively portrait of Shri guru Nanak Dev Sahib (first Sikh saint)

as he had an immense love for saints.

With creative imagination he portrayed the portrait

to the extent that a competent artist could do.

At last he became a slave of his own art work.

He evinced his desire to present a piece of art

before Bhai Veer Singh ji.

On seeing the graph, he became wordless,

unspeaking for a while. 

Later on he spoke, 'His face and expression don't match what you have framed.

He doesn't look like your photograph."

The artist became woebegone with such phraseology, 

and uttered that he had made it with tiring efforts,

moreover, with extreme interest.

But Bhai Veer Singh ji again said, 

It is disparate, patently"

because he had watched the true image of the Saint

by uplifting his spirit into high spiritual zones.






When someone asked the lover"


​According to you: what is lengthy?

Spoke he, extended:  the black tresses of the beloved,

Besides, drawn-out black night is more

long-term to meet her moment.

The most tedious spell

of a waiting moment

while yearning for her.


Waiting moments are long because short period increases anxiousness of lover.



Harjeet Singh


Bio:  Harjeet Singh is an Indian English poet and short story writer. He has earned a Master's degree in English from his district college Hoshiarpur (Punjab). His father, Principal "Joginder Singh," was a keen lover of the English language and his guidelines have made Harjeet able to grasp some of the fundamentals of this language. His work has appeared in Indian Ruminations, Conceit, Children, Stray Branch, Churches & Daddies,  Literary Yard, "Across the Wall" chapbook, Scarlet Leaf Review, Creativity Webzine, Indian Perodical,The Enchanted File Cabinet 2018 Conceit Magazine. He is a denizen of district Hoshiarpur (Punjab).