A brick thrown into the well

canŐt be brought again in dry form

no matter if the well is dry.

This is to say that a man canŐt escape 

from being damp while living in

this cosmos.

Allegations, losses, defamatory

insults, honor killings, and ingratitude 

spontaneously fall in everyoneŐs

lap against his wishes,

though he is living aloof, not a

participant or party to the issues.

After being cheated by someone, 

to escape oneself in future, to keep 

a steady mind with past issuesŐ awareness

and to forget losses by learning 

a good lesson for the future is chivalrous,

as experience is the best school 

but its fees are heavy.

No one teaches by holding things at

arm's length in this world.


© Harjeet Singh