Ascension, the Particular Understanding of Devotion
Reflected among the many
those which combine
careful analysis of
attributed winged species,
containing characteristics
of the theoretically alive.
Finding first an ability
to fathom ascension,
putting such a dispositional gift
    into affect devoutly,
without temptation of quasi colors,
whose contours resemble rehabilitation,
pseudo in the facets of hollow
When allowing  ability to ascend
becomes the enveloping aspect of
metaphorical garb,
the subsequent
of realization shall be an
orientation of everlasting
devotion to newness,
                                  spreading forth into
splayed renditions of
recognizable persons. 

Somewhere there is A Silence
Alienated from Its Mover
When by a categorized motion,
put in place by an interaction first
from a relegated Royalty,
      an imaginary ideology
of will whose action’s disposition
is meant to enforce a specific
elongated timeline of
specialized moments.
An error,
metaphorical in its monochromatic
           for the bland vernacular
used in defining
of reflectional contours,
vis-à-vis abstractional displays
pertaining to what now
 is absent in regards
to its absolute genesis,
shows absenteeism in the realm
of proprietary
These attributes
within impatience
      toward alienating
one of its own species,
thereby separating the culture
of existence and reality,
substituting metaphysical conceptuality
with a brand of nonlinear discontent
for adhering
         within categorical


Remaining New Requires Shedding of Before
Sanctified realization comes in the shade of
dedicated ensuing.
Every aspect of prosperous ability,
that is personal disposition,
the teeming requirements
called calligraphic
      signature of oneself,
differs within the community
whereas a group of deadened
congregation of
                          unspoken selves,
whose moments toward identifying
worth revolve around
maintaining a stagnant stance
within a sinking enrollment of morose,
The before births an afterward,
several into etcetera,
maintaining creativity,
allowing a remaining nascent
understanding among remaining
specified translucence
carried across several afterwards,
waiting again for what becomes
in the realization of the

Modernity Sleeps, Awaiting the Past
Emotional tangents, limping tears who,
by default are forgotten transgressions delegated to a
disposition of dreary occurrences. 
Emotional content, fashioned into metaphors of
modish meaning, declaring a finite specialization
resigning all desirable tranquil entities,
reliable aspects gauging provable terms
in the idiom of enlightenment.
Stagnancy arrives, maintaining a solidified stance
identified with applied pressure, putting into motion
what the past has alerted its existence into obtaining.


Recluses Relating to Silence
As in tonal calmness, regarding light
dimmed in degrees of dying shades
of dusk,
slightly esoteric,
mostly misunderstood,
and the few that find refuge
in coded secrets,
    they unwind into rest,
silently becoming beings
of rising inviolate formations.
Stilled affirmations
residing in stimulations,
the hiding from others is natural,
perfecting a skill
toward aesthetic glorification.
In the speechless realm of
existence’s spectrum,
the recluse relates to silence in a dedicated manner,
facing the mirror
    maintaining a diaphanous distance—
traveling a circumference of characteristic

© Felino Soriano 
Biography Note:

Felino Soriano is from California and is a behavioral assistant and philosophy student.  From his existence of being a classic and avant-garde jazz enthusiast juxtaposed with his philosophical studies, one can ascertain his poetic inspirations.  His poetry appears widely in print and online.