A selection from Fragmented Olio





You instead focus

on the photographÕs indistinct



a fanÕs clockwise communication


a wingÕs undulating permission to engage air, pulse


—the foreground is clarity of an alphabetical spelling

of name and known understanding,


the beginning is of prose and the concise rhythm of

birthÕs initial response: awaken, cry, confirm—


both dimensional voices

speak of light


of needing hands to

formulate spatial


freedoms, and your viewing is of braided

language, connecting what

hears in the appreciation of

viewing within this moment

of inanimate observation.




Gradient, near


There was language

near the bridge

collecting stream beneath

the fulcrum.  Voices

pleached, a continuous

sailing, a context

of absent narrative.  In

hearing are bodies

bending into wander


and each is dedicated

explanation, each a

brand of water near where

wind walks its diagram

across where silence

admires ulterior motivation.




Of winter


A refill of fragments, where you

wore an hourÕs cool

the warmth was

fractioned in its






Dichotomies of one


You standing close

to the photograph

documenting your

youth.  With age

an aspect of numerical warmth


youÕve colder hands now a

winter of touch and

wind of tonal

affirmation breathes


from the words your mouth

flees from autumn, the orange

of truth a


dialect of speech


colorful as the image no

longer resembling the ache

in your arcing effort.




You defined the surge


Each kaleidoscope a

decoration of hand and

calligraphy of the eyeÕs

ornamental privilege.




Toward listening


Close, the butterfly

is distance within an abstract abbreviation.

The decoration is mild though

sharpened amid wing-angles

rotating, catching hands of

lightÕs throwing closeness.  You

wear this moment as does

the child their favorite

smile, and each rotation each

specific shape of oscillation is

a hand learning its rudimentary




© Felino A. Soriano



Bio:  Felino A. Soriano is a poet documenting cošccurrences.  His poetic language stems from exterior motivation of jazz and the belief in languageÕs unconstrained devotion to broaden understanding.  His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net anthologies.  Recent poetry collections include sparse anatomies of single antecedents (gradient books, 2015), Forms, migrating (Fowlpox Press, 2015), Of isolated limning (Fowlpox Press, 2014, and Mathematics Nostrovia! Poetry, 2014).  He edits the online journal, Of/with: journal of immanent renditions. He lives in California with his wife and family and is a director of supported living and independent living programs providing supports to adults with developmental disabilities.  Visit felinoasoriano.info for more information.