Hello My Youth Self


Daisy, Daisy, Daisy!

You are the one who got away

Still strong but lost

Change that


Walking into that room with her will haunt you

The day, that day  

Was the day you lost yourself

You lost your innocence


I know you want to be wanted

I know this feels like you’re wanted

I know she has so much more power

She’s older, pretty, ‘better”

But she is selfish

She’s wrong


If you let this go on you’ll lose much more than your innocence

But your whole life.

You’ll have to spend countless hours in therapy

And view the world as an outsider


Trust me when I tell you

You’re much more than what she says

You’re worth more than any complaint or hug

Nothing can buy your beauty

Its pure


PLEASE I beg you

Tell someone, yell it out loud

Tell them every damn detail

Every fucking word, touch, and action she has done

To you,..... to the 9 year old you

I’m so sorry!, so very fucking sorry

Show them how imperfect she really is


Daisy you’re stronger than you think

I’m living proof


© Daisy Sortibran