Describe my mind 

Wrapped in ribbons 

I saw a man with a hummingbird tattoo

And nearly 


I thought I saw you 

Standing on a hill 

Your hair rising up on the wind 

Like a yellow veil.

Today I saw the sky 

Twilight gray 

Strangers were marching and chanting 

Your name.

You are always leaving. 

I only glimpse the arch of your 


And you never look 


Is it your fear of being frozen 

Into a 

Pillar of salt 

Or the weight of a teardrop,

That is just too much 



I have a candle I light for you,

I do not believe in 


I believe in 


The eye of a crow 

Stares into my soul 

And I consume clouds 


Console myself.


"The man in the corner"


I met him today,

The ever-growing,

The everglowing


He wasn't reading a self-help book 

Like all of your co-workers from the past.

Oh no.

He was reading a book called

"How to be the most rational person in the room."

He introduced himself with the strong handshake

And direct eye contact.

This morning I fell five times

Trying to get out the door.

There is no rationality to my illness.

Yesterday I woke up paralyzed.

This is what Ataxia does.

I want to write a book called

"How to be the most functional person in the room."

I want to write a blues song.

I want to write an angry Punk song,

That really delves deep into the 

"I don't give a fuck about people with disabilities mentality."

To the man in the corner,

Gold star for reaching

for your rationality.

I am happy with living another day,



The cold wet grass on my feet,

The hot unapologetic sun in my face.


Elizabeth Stansberry


Bio:  Elizabeth Stansberry has been writing for 30 years. She has a  bachelor's degree in English from Idaho State University. She has two day jobs at Prosper Portland and Portland Art Museum in Portland Oregon. Her most current publication is in the Anthology, "notmypresident: voices of dissent," that came out this year.