A ChildŐs Seasons In Haiku Form


Tongue catching snowflake

Landscape cloaked in frosted white

Free from school today


Playground jewel turns green

Timeless tradition renews

A baseball takes flight


Cool water awaits

Trees lean out to shade from sun

Swimming in the creek


A chill wind on cheek

Whipped cream on sweet pumpkin pie

Feasting at GrandmaŐs


© Paul Stansbury


Bio:  Paul Stansbury is a life-long native of Kentucky. He is the author of Inversion - Not Your Ordinary Stories; Inversion II - Creatures, Fairies, and Haints, Oh My!; and Down By the Creek – Ripples and Reflections as well as a novelette: Little Green Men? His poetry has appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, Young Ravens Literary Review, Strange Poetry and Kentucky Monthly. Now retired, he lives in Danville, Kentucky.

Website: http://www.paulstansbury.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/paulstansbury