parade square drums --

the rumble of a jet's

invisible passage




still as a petal

this cabbage white sits,

clings to the sage




spirea offers

plates of mauve cloud blooms

on every branch,

but the cabbage white

is only a flutterby




trans-speciest perv --

the weiner tries to hump

a cat his height




silent secateurs --

the painted clay pots hold sand

and tea light candles


( for poet P.K. Page on her passing)




cloud sheep lowing --

day lilies so many pros

hanging on their corner




such raw, red throats --

the day lilies must be

screaming hello




Richard Stevenson 


Richard Stevenson lives and teaches English and Creative Writing in Lethbridge, Alberta.  His twenty-fifth book, a collection of haiku and senryu for teens, Casting Out Nines: Tart Pops for Teens, has just been accepted for publication with Ekstasis Editions.  Other recent collections of his work include Wiser Pills (Frontenac House, 2008), The Emerald Hour (Ekstasis Editions, 2008), Tidings of Magpies (Spotted Cow Press, 2008) and Windfall Apples (Athabasca University Press, 2010).