my dear doctor
do I have freedom to choose
between CAT and MRI?
I assume
one is cheaper than the other
although I am a honest and decent man
I may have an expensive disease

© Suchoon Mo
He is a former Korean Army Lieutenant and a  retired university academic living in the semi-arid part of Colorado.   His  poems have appeared in East and West, Bitter Oleander,  Dissident Editions, Taj Mahal Review, Religious Humanism, Thunder Sandwich, Spillway Review, the Stylus Poetry Journal, Malleable Jangle, Word Riot, Word Myth, Underground Window, Tryst, Subterranean Quarterly, Underground Window, Orange Room Review, Round Table Review, Strange Road, Feathertale, Snake Skin, Flutter, Poetry Cemetery, The Quirk, Autumn Leaves, Commonline Project, BlazeVox, and others.   His music compositions have appeared in Unlikely 2.0, Mad Hatters Review, Sage of Consciousness, Strange Road, The Adroitly Placed Word.    He has no formal music education.