Silver Linings


Adolescent moods

NatureÕs shape shifters

like fingerprints in the sky

Existing in silence,

these itinerant travelers 

of ever-changing disguise,

appearing like a pot

of boiled-over oatmeal

or curdled milk on the move                                                                                            

Purveyors of precipitation

indiscriminately visiting

like salesmen

at oneÕs front door

one moment silhouetted

before vanishing




Treading on Thin Ice


Aroused by vibrant vernal light

ushering a dizzying quest

to quell newly-awakened hunger,

a solitary hunter

of impressive alabaster breadth

stalks frozen barren shorelines

with sleek lumbering gait


In aftermath of wintry repose

vitality eludes him

like a shipwrecked mariner

searching for rescue


Patience is much required;

sensitive nostrils

twitch with alert

for unsuspecting prey


Instinct excites

the desperate path of

shaggy-covered paws 

and coal black eyes,

gazing expectantly 

across frosty barren miles            

toward salty blue horizon


Exuberant exhalation

heralds a stealthy slide

into icy depths

paddling vigorously 

toward sleek gray seals

stretched atop

a powdery arctic floe 


Lost in a Dream


Morning eyes

twitch like wings

breaking sleep

releasing uninvited visions 

of a nocturnal traveler


Anxious souls

scattered faces

without voices

navigating within

redundant mazes

of tumbledown buildings

full of stairways

leading nowhere

with streets

ending in wasteland




Grave Decision


Lonely autumn leaf clings

to bare solitary branch

tentative butterflies

flutter anxiously within

as unexpected divide

brings blink of pain


disturbed waters

create a troubled crossing


Sweeping vista

inspires uneasy leap

into distant space below

leaving behind

orderly existence

jettisoning a life

full of blank pages

for soul-searing unknown 

rupturing any hopes of heaven


Sky turns to quiet

as sun steps out of its shade

filtering through fathoms of gray

struggling with itself

at the edge of starting




To Be or Not To Be


All will be fine

words uttered

numerous times

when relationships crumble

grades fall short

illness comes to visit

death pays a call

jobs go away



try letting lifeÕs events

wash over me

leaving silty residue behind



become stronger,                                                                                                                     

more vigilant

sharing an approach of

no matter the challenges

tossed my way

IÕll still be me

on the other side


© Susan M. Surette


Bio:  Susan Surette is an avid traveler, bibliophile, grandmother, hand drummer, yogi and poet with work published in The Avocet, Westward Quarterly, The Voices Project, Nine Muses and The Curlew. She is founder of the Not Yet Dead Poets Society in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.