Why Do We Hate?


What do Trump supporters see in Trump?

This is something I can never understand.

Some people say that they are selfish

and are supporters of corporations.

For example, college isnŐt free

because people want to stay rich

off of young peopleŐs misery.


Why do we need a wall as a country of immigrants?

The answer goes beyond the physical barrier,

and into the ideological one.

People put up a barrier that blocks the outsiders.

This barrier find its roots from stereotypes.

Yet I canŐt help but wonder,

why do stereotypes exist?


Why are so many people so ignorant and apathetic,

when instead of hate, they can learn.

Learn others' cultures.

Learn their ways of life.

Learn that just like us, theyŐre humans too,

humans with feelings, family, and children

who shouldnŐt be put in cages.


© Kwantip Tachasooksaree


Bio: Kwantip Tachasooksaree seems to have an addiction to caffeine even if it means she will forever be 5'1". You can usually find her at a local cafe, sipping her tea or coffee (or maybe even both.) You can occasionally find her watercoloring with her sister or playing badminton with her friends.