The Virtual Reality Gang

The News and Review called them "slackers, but well educated."
They look good, they sound good, they even feel good, but they're not real.
Artificially intelligent.
It's all in the posture.
Kind of like a computer console in a B-grade sci-fi flick--
all cardboard, blinking lights and impressive sounds.
Men with milkcans on their heads.

Make it so
Klatu Barada Nikto
Make it so
Klatu Barada Nikto
Make it so
Eep opp ork ah ah means I love you

Like Sacramento marsupials slouched on the sidewalk,
the infamous wannabeats
for whom bow-house ain't a home for wayward dogs.
Sloe-tongued, red-eyed, java-lipped.

"I am an aesthete.
I live to critique.
My thoughts are oblique.
You're just a statistique."

"The state of the nation
is my daily oration.
I direct with elation--the world--
from my Weatherstone substation. "

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