Inside is not out

Mismatching halves live a lie

The flesh is a lie


(Originally published in Eccentric Press I)




Estuary in Fog

Fog recedes down pier hill
Where I stand and gaze
Till only the estuary is shrouded
Unusual for summer days
Beside the long dark line
Of the pier fading away
A fishing boat silhouette
On a background of grey
The canvas of summer sea fog
Like a painting it appears to be
A wondrous watercolour which
Leeches into grey-mirror sea


(Originally published in The Muse)




All the Ugly Bugs

When you hear them talk about flowers
It's always the beautiful ones
Sometimes a bit of exotic foliage
Never any love for the humble plants
That have a beauty less ostentatious
The beauty of nature embraced
Only the beautiful creatures get the love
Sharks get the hatred
And nobody seems to care a whit
For all the ugly bugs -
Yet what would the world be without them?

(Originally published in Earth Love)





I decided to make a language
A language of my own
Built upon bones of grammar and case
Moulded with flesh of nouns and verbs
Connected with fibres built of conjunctions
Salted with adjectives
And seasoned with adverbs
With a skin of expressions to finish it off

Then you remind me that I forgot tense


(Originally published in Bard)


DJ Tyrer


Bio:  DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing, was placed second in the 2015 Data Dump Award for Genre Poetry, and has been published in issues of Amulet, California Quarterly, Carillon, The Dawntreader, Haiku Journal, The Pen, and Tigershark, and online at Atlas Poetica, Bindweed, Poetry Pacific, and Scarlet Leaf Review, as well as releasing several chapbooks, including the critically acclaimed Our Story.  DJ Tyrer's website is at http://djtyrer.blogspot.co.uk/.  The Atlantean Publishing website is at http://atlanteanpublishing.blogspot.co.uk/