monstrous escapees
from silicon facilities
grafted to my body's middle
destined to accompany
all my journeys
refusing to depart without a struggle
and I wonder who was keeper of assignments
when they designated hips to my environment -
a detriment to clothes in the closet
waiting for my former silhouette's return, yet
I've grown used to them
and even marvel at their similarities to models of
Rodin, Renoir, Picasso and Degas
without whom I'd be lost among the stars
recuperating from liposuction surgeries.
And so,
my case is moot -
I'm healthy and will have to learn
to love these orphaned hips
that found a home on either side
of my five-foot-two body frame.
I'll just buy a headband
and call myself a "hippy"
or buy a saxaphone
and dub myself
a "hipster"
smiling when a stranger
digs my hips.


her decolletage
ambled forward
toward declivity
decrescent on its journey to
her breasts
a perfect decuman, and so
she raised her glass
of Falernian
singing praises to Falieri,
knowing she was inchoate
in her composure,
and everyone
even though they knew
she wasn't Italian.

© Patricia D'Alessandro

Patricia's latest publication (2004) is: "VOCE VELATURA: A Fictional Narrative Poem.

"This book is very touching, full of lovely details. In writing about her mysterious grandmother Petronilla, D'Alessandro has discovered herself." --Jane Blue, Sacramento Poet

"Reading "VOCE VELATURA: A Fictional Narrative Poem" is like going through a series of old tintypes or sepia prints in an old photo album, evoking sharply and vividly several different early-family childhood moments, which suddenly change in perception from something quaint to something alive and real, with great ranges through a variety of family, factory, early-techno evolution in such sharp focus that it leaves one amazed, impressed, awed." --Donald Sydney-Fryer, Author "Gaspard de la Nuit", Los Angeles

The book can be purchased at The Book Collector, 1008 24th Street, or Carol's Books on Florin Road, or through the author at ciaopatricia@accessbee.com