Eight Haiku


homeless man

wiping his brow 

with more dirt



city breakfast trucks--

shabby children search

     pockets filled with holes



tenement homes 

forgotten ivy 

   covers violation signs



homeless man-

stoplights at this corner

donŐt work either



grandmotherŐs eyes--

the aroma

of baked bread



white rabbit:

changing the shadow

of giant evergreens



at the shelter

someone in borrowed clothes

  whispers gratitude



cracked, august soil

beams stretch towards my watering can--

    itŐs raining


© Ave Jeanne Ventresca


Bio:   Ave Jeanne Ventresca (aka: ave jeanne) is the author of numerous books of poetry that reflect social and environmental concerns. She edited the nationally acclaimed literary magazine, Black Bear Review and served as publisher of Black Bear Publications for twenty years. Her award winning poetry has been widely published in Canada, the United States and Europe within commercial and literary publications. She currently resides in Bucks County, PA, USA.