(Photo of Alondra Vilchez)


Inner Beauty


The person I truly am, not sure that I have found.

Sometimes I struggle to recognize the uniqueness within me.

We live in a world that is influenced by image,

some bodies are adored versus other bodies are shamed. 


Social media, pop culture, tv, movies.

They distort how we view our bodies,

makes me think I am not good enough.

I don't express my true self the way I want to.

IÕm too afraid of being judged.

I dismiss my strengths and do not recognize them as I should

but I know that deep down they have to carry me through.


I have to remind myself to look deep within,

to acknowledge the greatness in me.

I know the person I truly am is inside me

and trust that I can finally be the real me,

the person I am in my own skin. 



Natural States 


Packed close together,

strong forces don't let them be free.

Everything is still.


A substance that flows,

with no sense of direction.

Spreading everywhere


Cannot be contained.

Moves with one blink of the eye,

it shall not be seen


Formed at highest heat.

Made up in the universe,

it is all around.


© Alondra Vilchez


BIO: Alondra Vilchez enjoys her time by drawing plants and animals that she finds in her garden. At the age of five she went on walks around the local parks in Southern California with her family and was shown the beauty that nature offers. In her free time, she enjoys learning to play her ukulele and piano.