I wake up every morning to the sound of my TV,

It shows never-ending conflicts going on overseas.


ItÕs on that bloody battlefield in Iraq,

Where hearts have been broken and bones have been cracked.


But to most people, it doesnÕt affect their lives,

Though I have felt its presence since 2005.


After all, I have family over there,

His death would be more than I can bear. 


It has been a long six years of waiting,

Through endless arguments and debating.


But today is different as it soon will be revealed,

A letter from the army awaits me in the mail.


I am overcome with joy once informed that heÕs coming back,

The war just ended and I can reunite with brother Jack.


IÕm now at the airport and the clock strikes half past three,

The army plane arrives as I wait excitedly.


Soon, surrounded, will be Heroes Around Me.


© Daniel Wang