on aging 

Bane of my Spring: work.
Now it is my Fall: I fear
Resolving conflict
is an art both marital
as well as martial.
The chef produces
a meal fit for a story
ounce upon a thyme.
equates a street with a saint:
Editor's guidelines
when reflected upon, help.
My Microsoft works.

© Jim Wasserman                                                                                              

Bio: Jim is a former attorney and, for the last twenty years, as a teacher, he has had the pleasure of applying his writing efforts towards a number of different genres, from legal briefs to reflective essays to short story fiction.  While he has met with his share of positive feedback in all these endeavors (including published articles in a Law Review and newspapers), he has until recently not dared to try his hand at poetry, finding most daunting the genre's seeming preference for the implied over the articulated, in contrast to a life lived devoid of unexpressed thoughts.