It's as simple as this:
Love others
Love them for who they are
Not who you want them to be
Or who you think they should be
Abolish cruelty from your heart
It's incompatible with the spiritual life
Bring an end to all the games you play
There's no more need for that dishonesty
Feel it
Feel it well up from deep within you
Let it overflow
Let it color your every word and deed
Love is
Love yourself
Be as kind to you,
as compassionate toward yourself,
as you would your closest associations
Treat yourself
with dignity, kindness, and generosity
Then pass it on to everyone around you
Love is
See, it's not about the kind of love for your mother
or your father
or your lover
or your husband or your wife
It's about the love of yourself as a human being
The love for every other human being on Earth
Love is
* * *
In our lives, each of us has done terrible things
We have wronged others
We have wronged ourselves
There can be a multitude of reasons why--or none
It doesn't matter
Take responsibility for your wrongs
Take responsibility for what you've done to others
What you've done to yourself
Clear away the wreckage of your past
Repair the damage
Put your life in order
Find within yourself a
Sincere desire to right the wrongs
Let neither fear nor doubt nor pride stop you from taking action
Others had their part
It is theirs
You had yours
Own it.
Make peace with your past
Make peace with yourself
Forgive, and let go
It's about Justice
It's about moving forward
About creating less chaos
Creating less wreckage
Don't turn your back on the past
Who you have been has brought you to where you are
* * *
You are part of the world
You do not exist seperate from it
Resist the temptation to isolate
Turn instead toward your brothers and sisters of humankind
We are all connected
We need each other
Hand in hand, part of the same circle
A circle with no beginning, no end
That is eternal and always changing
One world
One human family
We lift each other up
Together we rise
Take care of yourself
Take care of each other
Help others
Let yourself be helped
There is no better cure for the emptiness than that
Strive for progress, not perfect
Others have come before, others will come after
These words are not just theory
Live them and watch everything change
One world
One human family
We lift each other up
Together we rise

© Zach Watkins