Haiku #247 (Bomb Haiku)


A bomb is worthless

A bomb is a piece of ****

All bombs are stupid




Haiku #248 (Bomb Haiku)


Bombs will go to town

Bombs will tear up the dance floor

Bombs will break windows




Haiku #375 (Dissident Haiku)


November arrest

Ninety-six months – long sentence

Soon to be set free




Haiku #391


It is sunny out

I am here in this office

What will my life be?




Haiku #409


All is okay now

Stow away past abuse now

Give life one more chance



Benjamin Welles


Bio:  Benjamin Welles is a fledgling poet from Big Sur, CA. His work has appeared in The Gut, Cause & Effect and elsewhere. He can be reached at ben.jamin.welles@gmail.com.