A Light in the Darkness

We have all felt the cold front of rejection,
The oh I lost your number, the I fell asleep and didnŐt get the chance to call you
The darkness that clouds your mind and contaminates your thoughts
The thoughts that make the living feel dead, cold and zombieish
The hand that reaches into the darkness and pulls you toward them
The warmth that follows, the fresh breath of air, the feeling of life
The eyes that look upon you with such warmth, you canŐt help but smile and say Ňthank youÓ



Romance Blooming


The caress of a hand across the cheek

Arms wrapping around you

Holding you like a fleece snuggie

The quiet hum of heartbeats on the wind

A gentle kiss placed on the lips

But there is so much more in bloom than touch

There is so much more than what you hear

There is the feeling, the feelings that overwhelm you

The feelings that take you on a rollercoaster ride

The feelings that both drive you apart and make that person such a big part of your support

The feeling that makes you scream I hate you!

The feeling that makes you make passionate love in the park when no one is looking

This feeling, this love, this cherry blossom romance is something

Something that truly has no name



© Latashia White


Latashia White lives in St. Paul Minnesota. She is currently a student at Concordia University St. Paul.  She loves to cook and sing.