That Beautiful Generation Gap

Drones of our own demise

Slack jawed ignorant innocence

Rheumy eyes and shaky palms

WeĠre both from a world neither understands

Hold it together so we can teach each other


Blaring Softly

Static in the twister

Take your hand and run for cover

As the birds buzz and caw

And the children play

Secrets kept behind closed doors

Of the scary and uneventful

Of the lost and abided

Of the gibbering and the jabbering

No one can really keep quiet

Because the world is so loud


Guitar String Scissors

Briar freight

Sleight of hand

Wisdom seen

Time through sand

Another round

All falls down

In gray glass

Where in reality

Everything carries musicality


İ Alexander Wijangco


Bio: In early childhood, Alexander Wijangco spent most of his time with a pen and paper always within reach. His fondest memories are sitting on the front porch writing stories. Now into adulthood, not much has changed as he has multiple projects in varying genres to work on at any given time.