Crocheting Yoga


Create a chain with yarn and hook

Flow mountain into downward facing dog

Yarn over and draw through

Triangle, turn for warrior I and II


Alternate rows single and double

Hold, camel, lion, cobra

Circle, seed, shell, cluster

Balance, tree, crane, trunk of an elephant


Loop, drop, oops

Splayed legs collapse the head stand

Grannie square unravels; breathe

Short distance between child and corpse  



Swim Knitting


Cast on stiches, one by one

Swim the deep end

Purl and plain, back and forth

Breast stroke, butterfly, crawl.


Vest, sweater sleeve, scarf

What matters is the form

Click clack needles

Splish, splash, turn.


Inhale, exhale

Drop, add, loop

Ten laps ends the meet

Yarn unravels in a heap.



Sofa in Grey


Seduce with rose,

heliotrope and cedar wood

use a radiant scent

of florals and warm vanilla

hints of lavender and musk

the sparkle of pear

peony and almond blossom

captivate senses with lemon,

cardamom, tonka bean,

a fiery blend of black coffee,

blood orange and ebony wood

bold shoulders and gum boots

on the sofa in grey.



Dying Blue


My mind swims with thoughts of cobalt

silvery-white like dental floss

slips through narrow passages



Cobalt makes into deep blue pigment

glows the blue flame of propane

reflects through the broken



Granddad with sky blue eyes

behind old spectacles

sinks his last breath

a submarine.





wind whispers warnings

creeps under collars and cuffs

calls summer over


snow dogs prowl the sky

temperatures bead frozen

icicles refuse to melt


wind wails reckonings

swirls snow into drifts

blizzards their marriage



Daddy Tells Stories


Hey diddle diddle

the cat in the fiddle

the pig jumped

over the moon.


No, Daddy, it was a cow.


The cow is in the pasture,

I saw her a minute ago.


Not our cow, Daddy,

it was someone else’s cow.


No, it was a pig, I saw him.


You did?


Well not when he jumped

over the moon, but I saw

him all broken up where

he landed on the ground.


© Rose Willow

Bio:  Rose Willow’s poetry has been published in Ascent Aspirations (Friday’s Poems), Spring, Transition, The Society, SoftCartel, and Portal. She lives near the Salish Sea on the West Coast of Canada.