Long gulps of alcohol flooded into my veins and began to blur my already confused mind. A night like this, stunning and crisp, was the perfect night to lose control.  Then you walk in. Your giant smile and blue eyes burning into my soul, igniting the flame that will set me on fire. I’d hoped that the whiskey would drown your effect on me, keep me from smoldering, but my efforts are futile and I can only sink my inhibitions in its bitterness. I’m heating up and there is nothing I can do about it but dive into the flames and savor you in the only way I can.  You sip from the brim of your brown bottle, red lips caressing its smooth edges. And I watch, in hatred, as I love the way you are.   You smile, as you glide across the room and swim through my thoughts, is yet unable to extinguish the pain. Yet you are gentle and unaware of your own effect on me, of the fire in me. And I burn as I gaze at  you,  longer than you’d possibly think, as I slide myself off of the thin metal barstool and touch the hard ground heavily with my shoes.  I smoothly walk in your direction, my feet hitting the floor much slower than my heart beats.  I walk past your inferno, and out of the door.

© Jessica Wolcott

Bio:  Jessica is currently a freshman nursing student attending Widener University in suburban Philadelphia. Her real home is in the southern New Jersey right by the beach. She enjoys writing in her free time in order to relieve the constant stress school happens to bring. You can contact Jessica at