Inconvenience Store


            "I demand my money now!" Lenny yelled at the cashier. People around the convenience store began to stare at the two.

            "Sir please keep your voice down, and I've already told you that we can't give it to you." The cashier responded.

            "Why? This lottery ticket is perfectly valid!" Lenny retorted as he stuck the ticket out into the cashier's face.

            "Yes you're right the ticket was valid...eight years ago," the cashier said as he brushed the ticket away.

            "What do you mean eight years ago? I bought this ticket from you at this time three days ago. What are you trying to pull here?" Lenny screamed.

            "Please keep calm sir, or else I'm going to have to call security," the cashier murmured.

            "Look. Just give me my one-hundred million dollars and we'll call it a day? Alright?" Lenny whispered.

            The cashier sighed, "Sir I've told you this about a hundred times already. We. Don't. Have. Your. Money."

            "What did you do with it?" Lenny questioned.

            "I think the right question is what did you do with it?" the cashier said.

            "Huh?  How could I have done something to the money I don't own?"

            The cashier raised his hand in order to silence Lenny. He pulled out his smart phone and began typing.

            "What are you--"

            "Here," the cashier said as he raised his phone to Lenny's face. "Read this. Please."

            '100 million dollar lottery winner admitted into hospital for a rare case of amnesia.’

            “So as you can see sir, you have already claimed your prize,” the cashier smirked.


© Eric Wong