Family Approved Friend


I know you get lonely,

And you feel like making good friends is hard,

Especially when your parents,

Want you to make an Indian friend,

But donŐt go and stress out,

Trying to find an Indian friend,

Just find a friend, any friend, that seems nice,

DonŐt worry about making an Indian friend,

It doesnŐt matter what type of race your friend is,

It just matters that they are there for you,

And donŐt worry about what your parents think,

They might not understand now,

But I promise you they definitely will later,

Because they are your parents,

And no matter what the case is,

They love you, now and forever.


© Sabria Yaklur



Bio:  Sabria Yaklur loves to organize and decorate. She also spends her freetime volunteering at hospitals. Sabria Yaklur is an aspiring pharmacist, hoping to help write prescriptions and dispense medicine to patients.