after 2 months
of not writing well at all,
i feel it coming back.
i’m getting stronger.
the words are
starting to have
muscle again.
i’m 56
and walk with a limp,
but the words
are coming back.
they’ll have
and sinew
and bone.
the only thing
left for me to do
is wait.
and all the sick, perverted
bastards of the world
deserve to die an awful,
bloody death…
i was picking my dog up
at the vet
and while i was
waiting for them
to bring her out
i looked over
at the big white dog on my right
and was shocked to see
it had an ear missing
and part of its skull was gone.
it looked like an old wound
that had healed over
and i nodded at the owner
and asked:
 “what happened
to your pooch?  she
get hit by a car
or something?”
“nah”, he said, “she’s
a rescued dog.”
“yeah, we found her in
the road, thrown out,
with her ear gone
and her head half torn away.”
“what happened?”
“the cop said
they see it all the time.
they figure she was raised
by people who fight pit bulls
and you can tell by looking at her
that she’s real sweet
and i guess
when she wouldn’t fight
she was
probably just
for what?”
neither one of us
said a word.
i knelt down
and gave her a hug
and scratched her neck
and when i did
she turned real quick
and gave me a great
big wet sloppy kiss.
right on the face.
and all the sick, perverted
bastards of the world
deserve to die
an awful,
bloody death.
tonight i turned on the tv
and there was this
talking about
how it was all going to end.
he seemed very sure of himself.
his legs were comfortably crossed
and he settled back
in his chair and told us
exactly how
it was going to end.
he’s so handsome and relaxed
and confident
that he just has to be right,
and the only thing we can do
between now and then
is to keep on doing
what we’ve always done…
so, you just go ahead and
do your thing
and i’ll
do mine,
just maybe
between the two of us
we’ll figure out a way
to make the gods
change their god-damn bloody minds.      
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