The Dogman

When Marc was four years old his family got a poodle named Ashley, but sadly when he was seven she died. She was probably his best friend.  She would always be waiting next to the door waiting for him to come home. Ever since then he had always helped save stray dogs because it warmed his heart, and he truly loved caring for loved ones, dogs included. But this habit was getting a little bit out of control because he recently started to save dogs even though some of them weren't stray at all.  His friends and family have given him the nickname of dogman.

Back when Marc use to live in Bellflower there was one incident where a dog was stuck up a tree at a dog park. Even though Marc was afraid of heights he still managed to save the dog. This was probably one of the worst experiences he had with saving dogs because there was also a smoker right next to the tree, and he was really annoying.  These are just two things that he dislikes. The man was questioning everything that he was doing. Marc usually had leftover food from the previous day that he cooked for his family since he loves to cook and bring it wherever he goes because he never knows when he might need it. He climbed up the tree to get to the height where the dog was, bribing it with some leftover food. This dog was unusual because it wouldnÕt even come up to him to smell the food. Marc started to cough and shake because of the smell of the smoke, and how high he was. He was probably fifteen feet up above the ground, and he could feel his feet starting to slip down the tree. But luckily as he was slipping down the tree, the dog jumped onto him. The dog started to lick his face and was super happy it had come down. Marc placed the dog on the floor with the food he had, and the dog started to eat away. Marc was able to overcome his fear for something that he loves because he really cares about loved ones.

When Marc was twelve, he moved to Cerritos, and happened to live by another dog park. MarcÕs brother, grandma, and he would walk to the park every day after school. One day, Marc noticed a dog tied to a tree, with the owner sitting on a bench who obviously did not care. He walked up to the dog and noticed that the dog had bruises on him. Once Marc started to pet the dog, the dog started to whimper and licked MarcÕs face. The owner saw Marc there and told Marc to leave, but Marc refused to. Marc took a deep breath and confronted the man. ÒYou obviously donÕt care about your dog and abuse it, so why should you even be a dog owner. IÕll take him and actually treat him the way he should be treated,Ó Marc yelled at the man. The man did not say a word after and watched Marc walk away with his dog. Since then the dog, named Ollie, lives with MarcÕs family, but the dog only likes Marc. When Marc is writing, cooking, playing video games, or photoshopping, the dog follows Marc even if Marc doesnÕt pay attention to him. When Marc goes to church, Ollie waits at the doorstep waiting for Marc to come home.

Marc is still continuing his journey of saving stray and abused dogs, and wants to write a book about his experiences and share it with the world.

© Derrick Yang

Bio:  Derrick Yang loves to run on his free time. If he isnÕt running, he is stuffing his face with food. Due to his love for daytime napping, he only works late at night.