It all came so fast, the end of what was once a classical love story 

You changed me beyond repair, led me to believe that it was all a cynical game

I was just one of your many, but in reality I was indeed your only

Our worlds collided as I felt myself being reeled in by your aurora

Your vibrant smile on your face would instantly fade

Replaced by the intense look in your eyes divulging your inner thoughts

How could something so deep quickly fade into nonexistence?

They say out of sight is out of mind, but does that apply when hearts are entwined?

I was looking for love, yet now IÕm afraid I know where itÕs found


The Voyage:

The humming of the engine fills the air
As my cup of Hot cocoa slightly shakes from the vibrations
Looking out over my window panel I sigh heavily
Nostalgia setting in as I realize weÕre half-way back Home
Long gone the fresh sweet smell of wheat being churned
And the vibrant smiles of my grandparents as we exchanged stories
I bid adieu to the warm East African deserts IÕve grown to love
And await the snowy roads of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

To numb the growing pains palpitating through my heart


© Amal Younis


Bio:  Amal Younis is currently enrolled at Concordia University, St.Paul, where she is an English major with an emphasis in Journalism. Her life goals include getting her law degree from the University of Chicago, and possibly pursuing a secondary career in journalism sometime in the near future. Amal currently has work published and forthcoming in The Camel Saloon and Eskimo Pie.